Sakura Farms - by Corey Lee @ ECD Graphics

Sakura Farms


At Sakura Farms, their main vision is to provide healthy & delicious meat (pork & beef) without compromise – they emphasize on the fact that their premium pork is raised without the use of Ractopamine, vegetable grain fed, and produced from Certified Canadian Farms.

Their goal for the website is to convey the healthy message to their target audience with a friendly, approachable look-and-feel. One main requirement for the site is that it should allow easy navigation to switch between different languages (English, Simplied Chinese, and Traditional Chinese). They are also looking for something that allows visitors to engage with the site.

Website was complete during my employment at ECD.


The main challenge of this project was to organize all contents (for the 3 different languages) in WordPress CMS so they will be easy for clients who do not have a lot of technical background to manage. This was done with the powerful WPML plugin, which turns posts and pages into as many different languages as you want, and it integrates well with WordPress Dashboard that allows easy management.

In additional to the 3 different languages,we have created custom post types for the recipes and product parts section, which again allows easy management for non-tech-savvy users.


The website received great feedback from the client with satisfaction, and they were impressed with the result our team put together within the short period of time and the large amount of content. The Sakura Farms brand has become more and more popular with the help of different marketing campaigns targeting its audience – including Chinese TV commercials, and product sampling booths at retail locations.

This website continues to serve as the main informational platform for anyone who are interested in learning more about their healthy products.