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Love It Art

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Love It Art is a curated online gallery that delivers a simple, accessible and affordable experience for you to buy and collect original art and contemporary design.

At the initial stage for this project, our team discussed with the client about the main goal for the website – to promote Love It Art as an online gallery that provides similar experience as a physical gallery for potential buyers to see the details of the artworks, and thus allows them to purchase these artworks online.

Website was complete during my employment at ECD.


Certain features were discussed that can be engaging and useful for potential buyers, such as a wishlist for logged in users to save artworks that they may buy in the future, and a “Follow Artist” feature that subscribes users to a mailing list so that they will receive emails with latest news and artworks of that particular artist they choose to follow.

We used Shopify as the web solution for this project because it has a great online purchasing system with SSL encryption, has the blog feature the client was looking for, and its basic plan fits with the client’s budget. A customized and mobile-friendly theme was created (based on an existing theme that has features we need) to align with the clean and minimal design.

For the wishlist feature, we made use of an existing plugin that can achieve what we imagined perfectly. And for the “Follow Artist” feature, I put together a set of customized codes that integrates with the MailChimp subscribe function.


This project is now soft-launched and promotion has already started to let more people know about the website. Client was happy with the result and loved the minimal design and the clean & ease-of-use navigation overall. It has become a great platform for her to showcase what her business actually is.

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