Canwell Financial Services - by corey lee designs

Canwell Financial


Canwell Financial is a Vancouver-based financial company that focuses on mutual funds, family financial & tax planning, mortgage insurance, group RRSP / saving plans, and more.

The client has started her own website with the use of free tools such as a Website Builder provided by the hosting company, but she could not achieve what she has in mind and were having difficulties creating an organized layout for her site.


My responsibilities for this project include the art direction and full stackĀ development – from wireframe planning, mockups, front-end coding, to CMS (WordPress) setup. The main goal for the website is to show financial information to target audience in a user-friendly structure and navigation.

Canwell Financial - Home Banner

Canwell Financial – Home Banner Design

Since the client did not have any complete website for her company before, we had to communicate thoroughly to lock down a finalized site map and the art direction that satisfies both her vision and users’ needs. Communication is the key for every project as that is critical to enhance all specification requirements are met.


This project is still working in progress as we are in the process of gathering web contents and organizing them according to the website structure. The future plan is to complete the website with sufficient contents and promote her financial services to her existing clients via online marketing, such as Google AdWords and seasonal e-newsletter campaigns with the use of MailChimp.