Simon Fraser University Online Academic Calendar

A six-month project for Simon Fraser University Student Services to transfer academic contents from printed hard copies to the web. The project was p... Details

BC ALPHA Website Redesign

BC ALPHA (Association for Learning & Preserving the History of WW II in Asia) aims to foster understanding, redress, and reconciliation related to the... Details

Vstudio is an interior design company based in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. The interior designer is a big fan of simplicity and clean visual layouts, so thos... Details

Toi Magazine

This virtual magazine is a school project aims to explore and practice important elements in layout designs, such as continuity, alignments, typograph... Details

Canadian Mental Health Association Simon Fraser Branch

A volunteer revamping website project for the Canadian Mental Health Association Simon Fraser Branch. The goal is to create a new appearance for the ... Details

Hopscotch Festival 2011 Exhibitor Application Package

The goal of this freelance project is to put all required information into one visual-appealing and easy-to-read package. Information include demograp... Details

Rock in Japan Festival 2009

This print project aims to create smooth continuity and consistency throughout the different kinds of promotional materials for Rock in Japan Festival... Details

RideTheDeal Print Promo

RideTheDeal is an online social shopping platform for local Vancouverites. RideTheDeal provides great deals everyday, and this print material aims to ... Details

Local Otherness – JapaDog

A school project that explores the idea of "local otherness" - Who is the "others" in your own perspective? How do you define "others" from yourself? ... Details


A supplementary video of a proposal for a public art installation that focuses on cultural hybridization. The idea is "to unify" people with differen... Details

Lingua Aqua

Lingua Aqua is a public artwork that aims to convey the ideas of common language and multiculturalism to represent the neighborhood of Surrey, BC. My ... Details